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Artist Perspectives On London

June 1st, 2018

Artist Perspectives On London

Dorothy Berry-Lound, an artist born in Brighton in the UK and now living in Perugia, Italy has started a new blog series looking at different areas of London.

"I visited London as a tourist and visited some areas I had never seen," explained Dorothy. "Even though I had visited some of the famous landmarks I found areas next to them that I had completely missed!".

This inspired Dorothy to capture the spirit of the areas through her photoart and writing and led to her new series of blog posts. The first in the series is Butler's Wharf followed by Shad Thames (which formed the backdrop for an episode of Dr Who). The third blog in the series will be St Saviour's Dock and then Tower Bridge, St Katharine Dock and The Tower of London.

"It has been fun looking at these areas with different eyes and researching the history and landmarks. I hope people enjoy the blogs."

About Dorothy Berry-Lound: As a fine art photographer and acrylic artist, Dorothy sees...

Dorothy Berry-Lound Wins Special Merit Award

January 3rd, 2018

Dorothy Berry-Lound Wins Special Merit Award

Dorothy Berry-Lound, a Fine Art Photographer and visual storyteller living in Paciano, Umbria in Italy, has won a Special Merit Award in the 2018 All Women Art Exhibition hosted by Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery. The competition for inclusion in the exhibition was fierce, with 1,005 entries from 29 different countries and 35 different states.

"The award was for one of my favourite pieces 'Mind in Meditation', explains Dorothy. "The award means a great deal to me given the high level of competition".

The award winning piece 'Mind in Meditation' shows the point in meditation when the body starts to fade and the mind enters a state of peace, tranquility and stillness. This is represented this with the image of a Buddha gradually receding into the background as the foreground becomes a swirl of mist and pastel colour.

The “All Women” 2018 Online Art Exhibition can be accessed online at:...

Moments Of Stillness - New Exhibition

December 1st, 2017

Moments Of Stillness - New Exhibition

'Moments of Stillness' is the title of a new on-line exhibition by fine art photographer and story teller Dorothy Berry-Lound, hosted by Kunstmatrix. The exhibition collection has been personally curated by Dorothy to present images that induce feelings of calmness and tranquility in the viewer.

"Moments of stillness are hard to come by with the onslaughts of negativity that surround us," says Dorothy. "Every day a new tragedy, a new horror story, more conflict or other bad news is reported. We are constantly reacting to the latest events. Coupled with personal events that impact upon our lives sometimes we can feel overwhelmed by it all".

Dorothy is a great believer in the power of meditation and positive thinking. "It is really important that we find that central place within us where we find peace and tranquility. When times are hard, our personal sacred space helps us live our lives the best we can, with compassion for ourselves and others. And it helps us cope...

Memories Of Samurai On-line Exhibition

October 31st, 2017

Memories Of Samurai On-line Exhibition

'Memories of Samurai' is the title of a new on-line exhibition by Italy-based artist, Dorothy Berry-Lound. Hosted by Kunstmatrix, the exhibition shows a series of striking images of Samurai warriors.

Samurai were the officers of the Japanese army from medieval times up until the latter part of the nineteenth century. They were fiercely loyal to their clan and their lord. However, during the sixteenth century their role changed as Japan unified and although they continued to wear their uniforms Samurai became to adopt the role of spiritual leaders.

"I wanted to depict the apparent conflict of a warrior, trained to kill, who also has a strong spiritual creed," explains Dorothy. "They were influenced by a number of religions including Buddhism, Zen, Shinto an Confucianism. A creed developed, known as bushido, which the Samurai followed which enabled them to balance their warrior side with their spiritual side."

The images in the exhibition are of intimidating...

I AM STEVIE MOUSE - New Book Publication

September 20th, 2017

I AM STEVIE MOUSE - New Book Publication

A newly published book, I AM STEVIE MOUSE, tells the story of how Dorothy Berry-Lound, an artist living in Italy, found a sick kitten, drowning in a puddle. Rescuing her changed both of their lives.

"There had been a terrible thunderstorm" explains Dorothy. "I went out to check the damage in the garden and saw what I thought was a mouse laying in a puddle. Then I shrieked because I realized it was a dying kitten." Dorothy rescued the kitten and it survived, but then followed several months of drama with the kitten recovering only to relapse. She named the kitten Stevie Mouse. "We kept being told the kitten wouldn't make it, but Stevie Mouse and I had other ideas."

This beautiful new book explores the story of Stevie Mouse, her struggle to survive, her relationships with other household pets and how she grew up to be a great art model for her human artist Mum. The book is, of course, illustrated with pictures of Stevie Mouse.

The book is available from Blurb...

Jazz Is In The Air - Limited Time Promotion

July 14th, 2017

Jazz Is In The Air - Limited Time Promotion

Summer in Umbria, Italy means the Umbria Jazz and Trasemino Blues Festivals. These are open air concerts enjoyed under the warm starlit sky with a glass of wine and good company. To celebrate a summer of music, artist Dorothy Berry-Lound has created a limited time promotion of two images from her Jazz and Blues Collection.

"I love jazz and blues and attend a lot of events in the summer" says Dorothy. "As an artist I am inspired by the music, the colours and atmosphere, all of which are captured in my work. I selected 'Singer' and 'Saxophonist' from my Jazz and Blues Collection and created a promotional event to celebrate my love of jazz".

Dorothy has made available 10 canvas stretched prints of each of the two images 'Singer' and 'Saxophonist'. Each one is selling at just over half the usual price for a canvas that size. These are large canvases and would look wonderful individually or together on display. This limited time promotion is running to midnight on Sunday...

My Paciano - Il Mio Paciano Exhibition Of The Work Of Dorothy Berry-Lound

October 24th, 2016

My Paciano - Il Mio Paciano Exhibition Of The Work Of Dorothy Berry-Lound

In association with the Comune di Paciano in Umbria, Italy, an exhibition will be taking place of the work of local artist Dorothy Berry-Lound. Dorothy was born in Brighton, England but found a wonderful old farmhouse half way up a mountain near the town of Paciano in Umbria and the rest is history. She now lives permanently in Italy with her husband who is a website designer, two dogs and several cats.

A writer/blogger and artist, Dorothy was approached about the idea of an exhibition owing to a series of local images like 'Pawse for a Drink' that she mentioned in her blog. She was asked to focus on the local influences and inspiration for her work - hence the title of the exhibition, My Paciano - il Mio Paciano.

"It was so exciting to be given this opportunity" says Dorothy. "To be able to show my art locally is wonderful and I have been busy with the translations of the stories for each picture as they will be available in both English and Italian"....

Artsy Shark Featured Artist Dorothy Berry-Lound

August 10th, 2016

Artsy Shark Featured Artist Dorothy Berry-Lound

"mesmerizing and beautiful" is how the editorial team at Artsy Shark have described the work by Dorothy Berry-Lound in an article they have published about her work today.

Dorothy says "I thoroughly enjoyed explaining my process and how my approach to my art develops the story of the subject. This includes not just my healing art work but more generally - my pieces are never quite as they appear as there is always a story in the background and a particular energy I am working with when creating the piece."

The article explores how sometimes Dorothy has an image of the finished piece before she even takes the photograph. "It's true" she said. "Sometimes just looking at a scene (and it doesn't have to be a landscape it can be a really small thing) a vision appears in my head of how it will look when I have finished processing it and then I am like a 'mad thing' to get on with the work and producing the final article - I literally can't rest until I have completed...

Dorothy Berry-Lound Appointed Chief Editor Of 1stAngel Arts Magazine

October 17th, 2015

Dorothy Berry-Lound Appointed Chief Editor Of 1stAngel Arts Magazine

Dorothy Berry-Lound has been appointed Chief Editor of 1stAngel Arts Magazine which will be relaunched on 1 November 2015 to include specialist groups and activities. The specialist groups will include Art for Health which Dorothy will personally lead as her own artwork is aimed at developing healing art for the home and workplace, including hospital settings.

"I am so excited to be involved in 1stAngel Arts Magazine and delighted to have been asked to be both Section Head for Art for Health and Chief Editor of the magazine. I think the specialist groups we are developing will bring a whole new dimension to the magazine and we are all working away developing our themes and sorting out production schedules. A busy time but we are enjoying doing it".

Dorothy is the Managing Partner of HOST Policy Research, a research and consultancy organisation based in the UK and is also a Tai Chi Instructor, Reiki Master, author and artist. Dorothy says:

"I love my job as...

Dorothy Berry-Lound Balances Spiritual Art With Spiritual Practice

June 3rd, 2015

Dorothy Berry-Lound Balances Spiritual Art With Spiritual Practice

'Dorothy Berry-Lound Balances Spiritual Art With Spiritual Practice' is the title of a new article about artist Dorothy Berry-Lound featured on the Healing Power of Art and Artists website. In her article, author Rene Philips says "When I visited her website I was enthralled by her positive energy. I knew an article about her would inspire our readers".

Dorothy's beautiful healing art includes pieces created to work with certain illnesses, images for the home and office as well as beautiful artwork for spas, treatment centres and hospitals. Dorothy says My aim is to promote life, work and energy balance through my art, poetry and writing. Her art is available on a range of wall art, as well as throw pillows. duvet covers and tote bags.

The full article can be seen here:

For more information about Dorothy Berry-Lound:...